Pearson Education Privacy Policy


Pearson Education Web sites are maintained by Pearson Education, Inc., One Lake Street, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey 07458.

Pearson Education recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of Personal Identifying Information about you as a user of our Web site(s). We consider the following to be Personal Identifying Information: your name, address, email address, phone number, date of birth, job, personal interests, and credit card information.Pearson Education does not collect Personal Identifying Information about a user, except for information that is voluntarily provided to our Company so that we can serve the user's needs and our legitimate business purposes. (For example, when a user subscribes to a Web-based resource, we need to obtain Personal Identifying information in order to maintain the subscription in our database). A user's Personal Identifying Information may be used by our company to help us improve our products, and also for our company's marketing and promotional purposes. It will be treated confidentially within our company. Our policy is not to share this information with third parties without your prior consent except as expressly stated herein, however, we may share this information with other companies affiliated with Pearson Education, Inc. for legitimate business purposes.

Pearson Education subscription Web sites require the use of Internet browser cookies to facilitate subscription processing, to validate user access rights upon login, and to facilitate the user's experience on the Web site. These cookies are session based and expire when the Internet browser is shut down. Except as stated above, Pearson Education does not use Internet browser cookies for any other purpose.

In the event that a student is suspected of misappropriating password access or engaging in academic misconduct in connection with a Pearson product subscription, Pearson reserves the right to disclose personally identifiable information concerning that student to faculty, administration and/or law enforcement officials in order to facilitate the investigation of such allegations.

Names, email addresses, and login names are displayed in instructor grade books and available to school administrators. Instructors can use student email addresses to communicate with students using the course tools and administrators may store personal data generated by the course tools for the purpose of maintaining educational records or other legitimate educational purposes.

Users should be reminded that any Personal Identifying Information that is voluntarily posted by a user to a public area of a Pearson Education Web site (for example, a posting to a bulletin board or chat room) might be collected and used by others. We cannot prevent such uses.

SPECIAL NOTICE TO PARENTS: We have no intention of seeking Personal Identifying Information about minors (children under age 13) who visit Pearson Education Web sites. The same privacy policies will apply to that information. In addition, if we can identify a user as a minor, the Personal Identifying Information will not be used for further marketing and promotion. We encourage you to ask your children to seek your permission before providing information about themselves or their family over the Internet.

SPECIAL NOTICE TO CHILDREN: Ask your parent or guardian for permission before you send any personal information over the Internet.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy should be directed to the attention of:

Pearson Education Core Technology Group
75 Arlington St., Suite 300
Boston, MA 02116

SPECIAL NOTICE TO CUSTOMERS OF PEARSON CANADA: Pearson Canada's specific privacy policy, rather than the above privacy policy, applies to Pearson Canada's customers. To view Pearson Canada's privacy policy, select the link below.

Pearson Canada Privacy Policy

Pearson Education's privacy policies are under frequent review.

v8 - last updated 30 October 2007.